Places To Visit In Rajasthan During Summer

The city of Rajasthan is marked by an interesting fusion of physiological elements. From mountains to deserts to ephemeral rivers there are plenty of things that make Rajasthan a tourist’s delight! In fact, this beauty of the state is reflected in the numerous cities that from a part of it. It is hardly a surprise why Rajasthan attracted powerful dynasties across history and why it was formerly known as ‘Rajputana’. This rich history became a part of its culture, traditions and architecture, making Rajasthan one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. This blog lists out the places that you must visit when you are in Rajasthan.


Believed to be founded in 1727 by Sawai Jai Singh II, the Kachwaha Rajput Ruler, Jaipur is often referred to as ‘the pink city of India’. An interesting fact about this city is that its architecture was planned according to the principles governing the science of Vastu Shastra. The forts, monuments, museums, temples, and sprawling market places of Jaipur draw tourists from all over the world to this wonderful town. Some of the places that you must definitely visit the next time when you are in this city include the spectacular City Palace, which was also built by the city’s founder. The awe inspiring architecture of this stunning fort embodies a blend of Mughal & Rajput architectural elements. Another magnificent site is the famed Amer Fort, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can also drop by at the Johri Bazaar & Bapu Bazaar to shop till you drop.


Fondly labeled ‘the Venice of the East’, Udaipur was once the capital of the powerful Sisodiya Rajputs of Mewar. In fact, this city of lakes was founded in 1553 by Maharana Udai Singh II of the Sisodiya clan. Flanked by the foothills of the denuded Aravalli Mountains, Udaipur is known for an array of tourist destinations such as the bewitching City Palace. Overlooking the placid waters of Lake Pichola, it is believed to be one of the largest palace complexes in Rajasthan. What is particularly striking about this palace is the fusion of elements of Medieval, European and Chinese architecture. In order to get a true sense of the city, you must visit Hathi Pol Bazaar, which is known for its illustrious paintings & Bada Bazaar that stands out for its vibant Rajasthani juttis.


Also branded as the ‘blue city’ and the ‘Sun city’ of India, Jodhpur was founded in 1459 by the Rathore Rajput Ruler, Rao Jodha Singh of Marwar. Not only is this city an important tourist destination in India, it is also a strategically important site as it is located near the Indo-Pak border. What makes this city attractive is the Mehrangarh Fort, which lies perpendicular to a rocky hill. Built using burnished red sand stone, this imposing fort has an uncanny beauty that beckons visitors from all parts of the country.


Founded in 1488 AD by Rao Bika Ji, a Rajput prince, the city houses some of the most enchanting forts and monuments of Rajasthan. One such captivating fort is Junagarh Fort, which was made in 1593 by Raja Rai Singh. Legend has it that crocodiles were bred in the water surrounding the fort to make it impregnable against intrusions. Another visual treat for the tourists is the revered Jain Temple. Its construction was commissioned by Bhandasa Oswal in the year 1468. The intricately sculpted pillars, frescos and the gold leaf work mirror elements of the Rajputana architectural style.